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At Palm Eye Care we provide comprehensive eye care in a friendly, open environment.  We provide full service eyeglass and contact lens services.  Further, our doctor team is trained to treat and manage many eye diseases.  

    - Diabetic Eye Disease


    - High Blood Pressure and the affect it has on the eye

    - Macular Degeneration

    - Cataracts

    - Eye Infections or Allergies

   -  Eye injuries and foreign body removals

Contact lenses are our specialty

    We can find a contact lens solution for most any situation.  Our policy is to allow you to try your new lenses and to be satisfied with the comfort and vision you desire.  We use a variety of products to address our patient's needs.  Our doctor team will spend the personal time needed to ensure the best fit.

We specialize in:

-New contact wearers

-High Astigmatism contacts

-Keratoconus and post surgical fittings

- Multifocal lenses that can dramatically reduce your dependence on readers

-Gas permeable contacts

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